EoT Services
We are strictly focused on access to capital, strategic partners, and global channels of distribution.

EoT is Ukraine’s premier “deal flow” organization.
International strategic partners contribute financial resources, management “know-how,” and operational expertise to any business undertaking. EoT will provide you access to members of the Board of Directors and/or Executive Management Teams of multinational to regional corporations around the world.
EoT global network allows direct access to wide range of investors and financial institutions. Based on the profile and needs of our clients/projects, we target specific sources that are interested and pre-qualified to participate in the “deal”. We are here to get you what you need: capital from Sovereign Funds for infrastructure projects or access to networks of Angel investors for startups.
We are your international Business Development Agency. EoT connects Ukrainian manufacturers, producers, and services providers to global market opportunities. Our goal is to structure a win-win arrangements with international partners; and to support growth and scale of each relationship
Our services include, but not limited to:
Investment Capital

Opportunity Identification

Due Diligence

Financial and Legal Structure

Organizational Structure

Market Offering and Packaging

Regulatory Compliance Management
Marketing and Network Syndication

Public-Private Partnerships

International Strategic Partners

Risk Management For All Stakeholders

Add as second on the list: Deal Origination

Add as third on the list: Trade Negotiations
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We are eager to learn about the opportunity you are presenting to us. We hope it is revolutionary, full of passion behind it, and has social responsibility component built into a business model.
We all know that time is the most valuable commodity an individual can have. We greatly respect your time and kindly ask for the same in return. Here are simple guidelines:

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