World Trade Center Kyiv partners with Area9 Lyceum to power business education in Ukraine

World Trade Center Kyiv (WTC Kyiv) announced today that Area9 Lyceum will provide its adaptive learning software to power WTC Kyiv’s online education platform. 

“WTC Kyiv is working to transform the culture and practice of business in Ukraine, and we are thrilled to have the support of Area9’s proven and advanced learning technology. We are looking forward to supporting business and education organizations with new income by helping them offer training and certification programs online, in Ukraine and around the world,” said Henry Shterenberg, President, WTC Kyiv.

The agreement provides WTC Kyiv training and access to Area9’s technology to host adaptive learning content from business associations, schools and universities, as well as WTC Kyiv’s own content. Adaptive learning supports the unique needs of learners through algorithms that capture information and respond as they learn. WTC Kyiv will also be able to offer the wide range of world-class education materials already on the Area9 Lyceum platform in Ukrainian. 

“WTC Kyiv recognized immediately the unique benefits of adaptive learning and soft-skills training for executives and business professionals. We’re excited to host on our platform the learning content that WTC Kyiv and its education partners are developing,” said Dr. Khurram Jamil, President of Strategic Initiatives, Area9 Lyceum.

The agreement was signed during a video conference from Kyiv, Ukraine, and Copenhagen, Denmark. WTC Kyiv’s education platform will launch in Fall 2021 with content from KUNO Leadership Community’s unique values-based approach to personal development and leadership skills.

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